Specialties around the World

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Specialties around the World

Hey everyonne, welcome back to my travel and tourism blog. The other night me and my partner went with some friends to have a nice Cambodian meal with some friends, and wow what an experience! We had some very Cambodian food, includig fried and stuffed frogs full of spices, and deep fried tarantulas. I really did enjoy this meal, but it is something I would not expect to be eating anywhere else in the world. Read more

Street Food – Clean, Good and Cheap

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Especially Asia is known for its culinary delights! But for backpackers on a shoestring it is not feasible to eat at a proper restaurant on every occasion. That's why some people prefer to cook for themselves. But from time to time it can be quite tedious and you have to carry around a lot of additional equipment like a gas cooker or a camping stove. Cheap ones can be found on http://www.gebraucht-kaufen.de/campingkocher. Most of them are sold second hand. Read more


24/11/2016 Main
Hey there everybody. Welcome back once again to my travel and tourism blog. Great to have you all back. How have you all been? Anything exciting to report? Be sure to let me know if you have been up to anything interesting. Just drop me an email and I can share your adventures with the readership. The more the merrier! I’d love to hear from potential guest bloggers as well so if you fancy trying your hand at a post or two, be sure to give me a shout. You know how to get hold of me. So, onto today’s topic of choice, coconuts. Yep, that is right, coconuts! Why on earth would I want to talk about coconuts on my travel blog I hear you ask. Well coconuts are one of the many things I look forward to when I am away on my travels. In many of the countries that I frequent, coconut juice is a staple, served straight from the coconut itself with a simple hole cracked in the top of the shell and a straw pushed through. It is full of nutrients and vitamins and perfect for shaking off a headache or mild hangover. Low in calories, they are the perfect replacement for fizzy drinks, coffee or alcohol during a hot day in the sun. I cannot recommend them enough. Anyway folks, that is all from me for today. But if any of you are off on your travels in the near future, be sure to try some coconut juice and let me know what you think. Just drop me a line at the usual address. Bye for now.


Late Night Foods

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Late Night Foods

  Read more

Breath of Fresh Air

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Breath of Fresh Air Read more

Language Barrier

22/10/2016 Main

Hey there folks. Thought I would smash out a quick post as I have found myself in the rare position of having a spare 30 minutes. Life is so hectic these days that I really struggle to give the blog the attention it deserves. Sorry for neglecting you folk. So today I wanted to talk about an issue that we all come up against when travelling in foreign countries. I am of course talking about language barrier. Many of us expect to be able to go on holiday and have the populace of our host country understand us. It is quite an arrogant way of thinking but there it is. A language barrier can cause all manner of problems that can be simply avoided if we just bother to learn a few key phrases in the respective language of our host country. They say that the basics of any language can be pieced together simply by learning its 200 most used words. I am not suggesting you go as far as that everytime you go on holiday to a country with a different language, but a “please”, “thank you” and “may I have” goes along way to winning over your hosts and getting them onside, making for smooth and hasslefree holiday. So next time you have a trip planned to far off lands, be sure to do your online research first and pick up a few choice lines that will help facilitate a memorable holiday. Even go as far as buying a local a drink on arrival and pick their brains for an hour or so for the phrases that are most likely to prove most useful. You won’t regret it. Ok folks. That is my 30 minutes up. I will catch you next time. Read more

Party Off

19/10/2016 Main
Party Off

 Today I’d like to touch on what is very much a sensitive topic at the moment, one that goes very much hand-in-glove when it comes to travel and tourism, especially in countries around SE Asia and especially in Thailand. After hearing of the recent tragedy in the news this week with regard to the passing of the world’s most long-serving monarch - King Bhumibol Adulyadej, and the understandable announcement by the Thai authorities to temporarily clamp down on ‘entertainment and partying’ for the time being, I was absolutely outraged to learn of the sudden backlash it caused only yesterday by Western party-crazed tourists. Read more

Travel Money Preferences

19/07/2016 Main

I’m off to do a few weeks around Europe soon & I’m wondering what the best options going to be as far as travel money goes. I asked my grandma & she says that travellers checks are the way to go but that all seems a bit dated to me. I told her that nobody really uses them these days & its all about the travel cards that you can load-up with the currency you want & then withdraw the money abroad when you need it. My issue in the past is that I’ve never bothered really thinking about it & then I get stung by extortionate charges by the ATM machine. I’m determined to get the best solution this time though. I’ve spent the last 18 months trying to get my finances in check & it has changed the way I think about these things. I’m all about the deals these days, trying to get as much as possible for as cheap as possible.  Read more

Photographing Waterfalls

10/03/2016 Main

Hi all! I wanted to talk today about one of my favourite things that I like to seek out wherever I am travelling around the world: waterfalls! I just love them. There is something about them that is so refreshing and makes me feel at one with the environment whilst illustrating the shear force of nature. I always take a photo to add to my album of memories, so in this blog post I am going to discuss the main points to bear in mind when shooting a waterfall and how to ensure you come away with great images! Read more

Delhi is Terrifying

12/02/2016 Main

I made it to Delhi and, oh boy, it’s hot. As soon as I stepped off the plane it felt like I was walking into a giant oven. I’ve never experienced a heat like it.  Delhi airport is fancier than I imagined, with lots of expensive looking cafes and stores. I’m not sure exactly what I was expecting but the image in my mind was definitely more shack than VIP lounge.  I had a taxi waiting for me at the airport (thanks to my Mom who always ensures that every place I travel to greets me with a taxi and 2 nights accommodation, just to let yourself “get settled in darling”) with a cute sign reading  “Miss Loo Eeesa’. Fortunately I was just on the right side of jetlagged enough to recognize this as being intended for me!  My taxi driver was lovely, spoke great English and told me stories about all of his children, as well as a brief synopsis of the history of india, some factual information about his favorite Bollywood star and some tourist tips.  I welcomed this chit chat as a distraction from what was unfolding on the streets around me: madness, absolute chaos, the threat of death within every square meter! I have ever experienced anything like this before.  My taxi was sharing the street with motorbikes, bicycles, trucks, tuk tuks, rickshaws, amputees on home made wheeled flat boards, cows and a million begging children with tiny babes in arms. I wanted to close my eyes and pretend that everything outside of the taxi was completely normal but it was just too tempting to loo at the spectacle around me.  We pulled up to the “hotel” that Mom had booked for me and I really do have to use this word in the loosest of terms. Rather than being the cute little boutique hotel I expected, my Mom had booked me into some sort of military camp with a hotel right in the center. I locked myself in my room, called room service, watched the soldiers marching around outside and didn’t leave for two whole days! Fortunately there was a television in the room so I slept, watched movies, stared at soldiers during their drills, slept again and ate room service! What a bizarre experience that was. Thanks Mom. Read more

En Route to Delhi

11/02/2016 Main

This latest break away is taking me to Asia. I’m starting my trip in Delhi, in northern India, to be specific.  Having never been to India before I’m nervous. I have travelled quite extensively in South East Asia so I think that some of the similarities between the Asian countries will alleviate part of the culture shock. I have heard lots of stories about India though and not all of them particularly pleasant. Tales of dysentery, theft, abject poverty, sexual harassment towards women, drugging, police bribery demands and poor treatment of animals is enough to scare many people off from visiting India. Not me though! I have a yearning for adventure and excitement for the unknown.  Plus, I’ve heard some wonderful things about India too, namely the warmth of the people, the delicious cuisine and the country’s natural beauty.  Starting the trip of in Delhi is a bit of a gamble. It was the cheapest way to travel to India but the city has a reputation for its pollution, chaos, dangerous traffic, slums and beggars. My senses may very well become overwhelmed. It would have been wiser to start the trip off somewhere like Kerala, in southern India. Kerala is reportedly a much more relaxed and calm version of its northern counterparts. The flight to Thiruvananthapuram, the capital city of kerala, was almost double that of the flight to Delhi. So Delhi it is.   Read more


Louisa Loves to Travel

11/02/2016 Main

Hi there folks, my name is Louisa and I am currently en route to LAX, where I shall be kicking off the latest leg of my big adventure around the world. As I write, I am on the train with backpack overhead, passport in my purse and a whole bunch of nerves in my stomach. I travel often. My job waiting tables is seasonal and I make excellent tips so, every few months, I head off on a new adventure. Sometimes I wonder if I should be all sensible and save my money instead of spending it on lavish holidays but, hey, I’m in my twenties. There’s plenty of years left in me for sensible!  I thought it was about time that I started documenting my trips so that I can share my experiences with others whilst simultaneously exploring a piqued interest I have for travel writing. I hope you enjoy reading about my adventures and gain some insight into countries that you too may wish to visit.